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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 807
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About Us

Our History


We are a young family that consists of 4 members with Mexican roots! We started this project for several reasons, one of them is to make Michoacán’s perfect culture known widely as valued and as a result a unique regional craftsmanship.


We have highly creative craftsmen that make textile crafts and one of the main crafts of the city (Sahuayo, Mich.) is the huarache. The Mexican town of Sahuayo, Michoacán is known for its huarache artisans, which are traditional sandals of Mexican peasants. In 2016 the Guinness record was broken by making the largest huarache in the world with a length of 7.45 meters and a width of 3.09 meters. The group of more than 30 artisans used about 80 square meters of leather to make the huarache.


Another very important reason besides promoting artisanal crafts is to support the indigenous communities who make our collection of traditional clothing from different states of the Mexican Republic such as Chiapas, Michoacán, Yucatán, Oaxaca and Puebla and thus we all contribute to the improvement of their economic well-being.


We have a beautiful variety of handmade leather huaraches of the best quality that combines the typical, traditional and modern which gives them a very spectacular fusion. And to complete your outfit, we possess unique and exclusive 100% handmade jewelry!


Educate people about Mexican culture and traditions; one piece of clothing at a time.


Encouraging younger generations to highlight Mexican culture through fashion.

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